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8085 Discussion 2 Leadership Problems at Valley Hill

To prepare:

Review the case study scenario, “Leadership Problems at Valley Hill,” located in this module’s Learning Resources.

Reflect on the knowledge and skills you have gained in the Learning Resources regarding leadership theory and evidence-based behaviors that support positive change.

Identify theories and evidence-based strategies that you feel would be most relevant to the scenario presented. As you reflect on these, also consider their congruence with your own values and beliefs.

Consider how you might use the leadership theories and/or evidence-based behaviors to approach the identified challenge.

By Day 5 of Week 1

Post a response to the situation presented in the Valley Hill case study. In your response, present an analysis that addresses the following:

The leader’s role in striving to create an open, supportive, and challenging culture in the workplace at Valley Hill or any early childhood workplace

How specific leadership theories and/or evidence-based behaviors could contribute to the effectiveness of this leader and improve the current culture and practices at Valley Hill

A personal reflection of your own leadership strengths and areas for opportunity, and how these might promote or inhibit successful resolution of the presented scenario.


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