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Accounting assignment


In 5 – 8 pages in MS Word, conduct research and case
analysis, and respond to the following questions: Using the information from
the business cases.

1.     Define
Operations Management & differentiates between operations and
manufacturing: explain by reflecting on Amazon or FedEx

2.     Describe
the elements involved in planning and designing an operations system in
FedEx/or Amazon

3.     Defines
the Supply chain management and the activities it involves by reflecting on
FedEx & Amazon

4.     Explain
how FedEx & Amazon are utilizing technology to foster effectiveness and

5.      Explain by explaining their usage of
Computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) to dictate the nature of their
transformation process

You are required to cite at least three
internal or external sources in your postings, formatted to APA
standards.  Avoid citing sources from Wikis, Wikipedia,,
private company websites, and other non-academic references.

Review APA standards: (Links
to an external site.) Links to an external site. (Links to an external


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