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Bev Bos Interview

Stop, think and respond: Each Module will contain a “Reflection” assignment that is relative to the subject matter in the module.  Each Reflection will consist of 1-3 questions designed to elicit your own personal thoughts and/or experiences in your life, reiterate concepts from the text and prompt concepts from the module’s lecture. Aim for three to five or more sentences per paragraph. Make sure your paragraphs contain a theorist in child development, a personal anecdote that is relevant, and something from the lecture and/or text that further supports your responses.

The assignment is worth 12 points in total. Based on the criteria in the rubric, points will be deducted for any element that is considered below “Exemplary”, with explanations provided  when applicable. “Unsatisfactory” work will receive “0” points. Feedback will be provided in the Comments of the assignment upon grading. See the rubric for further details. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

When you are ready to submit this assignment, type your responses in the “Text Entry” box provided below and  click “Submit Assignment” when you are finished. Alternatively you can upload a PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) with your work. FYI, the “Text Entry” box utilizes the Canvas Rich Content Editor, which will allow for comprehensive formatting as well as the inclusion of multi-media (i.e. images) when submitting your work.  If necessary, please use the help resources for instructions on utilizing the RCE features.


* Please copy/paste each question before your answer below.

After viewing both the Bev Bos Interview and Lecture 1, and reading Chapter 1 of the textbook, describe 6 key concepts:

Two concepts from the interview with Bev Bos.

2. Two concepts from Lecture 1.

3. Two concepts from the textbook.



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