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Bilingual Education, Psychology assignment

Assignment Instructions: 

  • Download the file entitled, Research Outline Template with Rubric, and complete the assignment based on your selected research topic. The template includes the grading rubric that will be utilized to evaluate your work. Review that rubric, but REMOVE the rubric from the template prior to submitting.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The assignment is lengthy. It is strongly suggested that you do not wait to start this assignment on the day it is due. 
  • Good examples of a Research Proposal Outline as well as a final submission for the Research Proposal are attached. These examples did not receive a perfect score. Both have particular errors or issues; however, both examples did receive high marks. ED504 is not a course where you can simply fill in the blanks. You can use the examples as a guide, but you must invest in the process to question, compare, and critique while learning the many facets of writing, researching, and reporting. The good examples posted in this shell were edited using APA 6th edition. You must follow APA 7th edition formatting. 
  • Here is a guide to what is new in the APA 7th edition. 
  • Your study has to be an experimental research proposal and you are required to use a quantitative methodology.  (No Plagarism)


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