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BUSN696 Business & Finance assignment

Artifact #2 – Quantitative/Analytical/Objective

Your work can always be improved. Using submitted work from a previous class, please locate an analysis, problem set (preferably in Excel), model, flowchart, or other objective-type items to submit as your next artifact. This week your assignment is to critique and revise your item and submit it by Sunday night, along with a one-paragraph narrative in a Word document that:

  1. explains the origin, course, and purpose of the artifact in your master’s program, and
  2. describes the changes you have made to improve the artifact.

Please contact your instructor for approval if you are unsure whether your item fits into this category this week.

You should correct at least the following in your artifact 2:

  1. All mechanical errors
  2. All content errors and any other improvements you think needed
  3. Any other feedback received by your faculty member should be incorporated

Example Documents:

As you have progressed through your program, Portfolio assignments have been identified for you to save for this item:

  • BUSN603 – Chase Manhattan Bank Case Study – The assignment selected must exceed 3 pages or equivalent.

If you do not have an assignment pre-selected from a prior course, consider the selection criteria for e-Portfolio artifacts listed in the attached document.


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