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BUSN697 Operations Management Homework

Please answer original forum wit a minimum of 250 words and respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each

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Original Forum 

This week we discussed ways to market your graduate skills in business and management.  Provide your own top 3 DOs and top 3 DON’Ts for marketing your skills.   Meaning, what are the three positives you will emphasize, and the three negatives you will remove or reduce from within your professional toolbox?

Student Response


My inclination toward a better understanding of key processes contributes to a systems-oriented view of my work. Taking this approach gives me the ability to understand my part in the greater system, and to understand the contributions of other elements. This skill may make me a good fit for management positions in the future.

While I bring some strong skills to the table, I certainly have a few areas to work on. My tendency to overthink or overanalyze a challenge is one of these areas. Learning to understand the key points of a problem and generate reasonable solutions in a timely manner will help me avoid getting bogged down in analysis.

Closely related to over analysis is my inclination toward perfectionism. While reviewing and polishing my work is important, I can improve this weak area by focusing on the main issue, quickly reviewing my work to eliminate key errors, but also reminding myself that good enough is usually good enough.

Sometimes my overthinking and tendency toward perfectionism undermine my confidence. Improving in those two areas and reminding myself that I have what it takes to do good work will help me approach my professional challenges with a higher level of confidence. 

What are some good ways to reduce the negative aspects of perfectionism without going too far in the other direction and producing sub-standard work?


While marketing myself in the future I will tell prospective employers the following three things:1 – I use my education and experience to mentor young professionals. I do this because I want to see the next generation of professionals work smarter, faster, more effectively and bring us into a better future.2 – I continually improve myself personally and professionally to enhance my skills and develop new ways of doing work.3 – Display my critical thinking and communications skills in the way I choose my words in vernacular and in writing.  As for the three things that I learned to remove they are the following: 1 – Know your audience if I get the feeling the hiring managers are not interested in my personal development goals of increasing my education do not bring it up. There have been several interviews I recently had that I told the hiring managers my near future of starting a Doctorate in Business Administration and it basically sunk my chances at the job.2 – Do not get too technical in the things I have studied. As I am studying an MBA with a Finance concentration it is not too important when I am going after roles that do not do much with budget or finance in the role.3 –  Do not under sell my skills that I learned throughout my MBA studies. The last two years of studying Finance from highly experience professionals with great educational backgrounds  has given me a lot of new knowledge I previously did not have.


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