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Choose Your Pathway Part 8 Financial Markets assignment

In a Microsoft Word document, write a minimum of two double-spaced pages where you establish three professional and lifelong learning goals that you are planning in detail to achieve once you’ve completed college (25 points each).

Explain in detail your Action Plan for achieving three professional growth and lifelong learning goals. Your Action Plan could include, for example, descriptions of new or updated skills you will acquire, specific training courses, certificates, licenses, digital badges, or advanced degrees. Your Action Plan could also include which professional associations you will join; subscriptions to which industry journals, publications, webinars, and/or podcasts you will join; professional conferences as an attendee or presenter; or other opportunities for professional growth and lifelong learning. You might also include your goals for mentorship and succession planning.

Check your writing for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage.

Submit your Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning Action Plan as a Microsoft Word document named ActionPlanLASTName.docx.


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