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CIS 498 Week 9 Discussion Information Technology Capstone

  • Share one of the links to an Andy Bounds video you liked or found most interesting or compelling. Then respond to the following in a substantive post (3–4 paragraphs):
  • How might you prepare for a presentation at work with people you work with every day on a project team? 
    • How might your preparation differ if you were presenting to the larger company, the board of directors of your company, or a group of shareholders at a large shareholder meeting?
  • What tips did Andy Bounds share with you that changed the way you think about presentations? What did he affirm that you already knew?
  • What value do you think the soft skill of being able to prepare and present PowerPoint slides to a project team brings to your career opportunities?
  • Do you think it would be easier or more difficult to give a presentation during an online meeting, as opposed to an in-person meeting? Why?

Please respond substantively to at least one other post (1–2 paragraphs each post). Choose to respond to those who have few or no responses, as well as interesting conversations you want to join. Remember to get in early in the week for your initial post and then come back a few other times during the week for the best experience.

In your response to your classmate, consider the following (choose one or more):

  • Watch one of the Andy Bounds videos that a classmate has posted. Compare it to the one you watched or one that you got off on a tangent with, and share your thoughts with your classmate on why they should also watch yours or why you liked theirs better.
  • Comment on a classmate’s thoughts on doing presentations at work. What have you learned from what they said? Be specific and further the conversation with your comments.
  • Respond to a classmate who finds public speaking difficult. Knowing we can’t allay someone’s fears of public speaking, what can we do to be supportive of someone whose work goes unrecognized because they don’t like to do presentations?


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