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Discussion, Management Homework



Apple and the FBI have two separate incidences where the FBI has asked Apple to break into an iPhone in a terrorist investigation where that phone may contain information that could prevent another terrorist attack.  I have attached a case study that details the incident in 2015 and I have included a link to a New York Times article that details the incident earlier this year.  For purposes of this discussion, you are Tim Cook and you must decide how to respond to the FBI’s latest request.  Falling back on his business studies, Mr. Cook applies utilitarianism to analyze what his decision should be.

  • Who are the stakeholders in this and how might they be affect by Apple’s decision?
  • What decision benefits the greatest number of these stakeholders?
  • Do you agree with the decision that utilitarianism leads you to?  Why or why not?
  • Does apply the test in Rights and Duties or Fairness and Justice lead you to a different answer?

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