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English assignment

Use this video link above  

  • Houska, Tara. “The Standing Rock Resistance and our fight for Indigenous Rights.” TED, 9 April 2018,
    indigenous_rights. And answer the following questions below in MLA format 200 words.

Watch the required video. When you are finished, answer the following questions in your initial posting. Your response should be in paragraph form and flow smoothly. You should use quotes from the video with proper MLA in-text citations. At the bottom of your initial response, you use to provide the Works Cited entry for the video (hint, it’s provided for you just under the video) and you can find out how to do this at this link.

  1. How does the video you watched break down the traditional stereotypes and provide you with a different perspective of the person, community, or location?
  2. The video uses many rhetorical styles, such as narration, description, compare/contrast, definition, analysis, and so forth. Describe some of the rhetorical styles operating in the video and provide examples to support your ideas.
  3. While the video may not provide in-text citations or a works cited page, how does the video use ethos to establish the credibility of the speaker? Does the speaker use author tags–meaning does the speaker give the names of other people who are experts? What other techniques does the speaker use to make claims or points?
  4. What is the central message, theme, or thesis of the video? Do you agree or disagree with these ideas? What is your opinion? Provide examples to support your opinion. 
  5. Discuss what you learned from the video that will assist you in writing work 2. Focus on techniques such as rhetorical styles and appeals. Do not tell me what moral or ethical lesson you came to. The answer should be about writing techniques. Here is an example:
    • Houska used multiple techniques to engage the listener and gain ethos. She clearly described the perspective of others and acknowledged what they agreed upon. She used narration and description, too. I can use both of those in my second work in order to ______.
  • Use a signal phrase (author tag) to introduce a quotation from the reading/video, and cite the selection correctly. Here are several signal phrase stems to help you with this:
    • (speaker’s last name), (her credibility/qualifications to speak on this topic), argues (insert her claim).
    • As a (insert name of her tribe), (speaker’s last name)’s claim that (insert claim) provides the audience with an understanding about (insert what they understand).
  • In your replies, consider some of the following questions: Do your impressions of the work/video match those of your classmates?  Did they notice aspects of the work/video that you did not notice when reading it?  What lessons did they learn by analyzing the work/video that might help you when writing work 2? 


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