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Framing the Problem Social science assignment

In your paper:

  • Describe the problem you have identified.
  • Justify the selection by describing why this is a significant  problem worth addressing. Provide evidence demonstrating the extent of  the problem. Also, describe the impact the problem is having on macro  level of practice.
  • Summarize and synthesize the peer-reviewed literature related to the identified problem.
  • ******Evaluate relevant theories and models found within the  literature. Be sure to explore macro level theories or models related to  your chosen problem. In your evaluation, explain the impact these  theories and models may have on the identified problem and whether the  impact improves or makes the problem worse.
  • Analyze and synthesize best practice skills and strategies  related to the problem found within the literature. Explore the variety  of strategies used to reduce the problem. These strategies could be  about social change or about advocacy.
  • Combine these strategies and skills into a holistic plan to address the problem, after reviewing the literature.      
    • Be sure that your plan contains a minimum of three integrated strategies.
    • Explain your reasoning using details and peer-reviewed literature.
    • Describe which types of strategies best apply to the problem  (for example, social change strategies, advocacy strategies, et cetera).


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