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HIM-702-E2WW Literature Review and Methodology in HIG,


  • Review extant literature, as it relates to the gaps identified in the current state of health information governance.
  • Defend the choice of methodology to tackle the health information governance gaps identified.

Action Items

  1. In a 5 -7 page paper, complete the following:
    1. Identify 3 research papers or articles that you used when conducting your research on the current state of information governance in healthcare.
    2. Summarize the methodology and results for each.
    3. Synthesize the arguments in these articles, noting any common themes and gaps in the research.
    4. Identify a reasonable and valuable next step to advance the literature on this topic, i.e. what topics, populations, or methodologies should be investigated next?
  2. As you conduct your research, note the relevance of key governance topics, such as, but not limited to, the following:
    • the strategic value of enterprise information in healthcare settings
    • policies and procedures that promote enterprise-wide creation, dissemination, and use of quality information
    • the importance and types of appropriate controls to guard against risks to healthcare information
    • strategic-level policies, processes, and controls utilized for healthcare information and decision making
  3. Compose your paper in Microsoft Word. Include your name, the assignment name, the course and section number, and the date. Cite ALL sources according to APA format. Be sure to include references properly cited using APA. Apply appropriate APA headings and subheadings for each prompt.
  4. Your work will automatically be checked by Turnitin.
  5. Access your Turnitin report by reviewing your Submission Details for this assignment.  


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