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IACP, Criminal Justice assignment

 Is the IACP leaning more toward Plato, or Kant? Or, is it a blend in one or more ways? Could Plato be an effective law enforcement officer in the application of his ethics? How about Kant? Is it possible, maybe, to blend these philosophies? Can that be successfully done? Has the IACP done that in its ethics statement?

This is a “compare and contrast” discussion, but it is also an “advocacy” discussion, precisely because to do well with it, you will need to take a position on two very different approaches to ethics, and then apply your conclusion to the realities of law enforcement in the modern, complex society in which we live. If you cite your textbook as a source or reference, then cite one other source. If you don’t cite your textbook, then two other sources will count the most.

 if you simply just express a personal opinion, unsupported, you won’t do so well. This may be a different kind of assignment than you have received in the past. Please give it some thought.


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