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ITS-530 Analyzing & Visualizing Data


Review The Power of Good Design-   and select three of the ten principles noted for good design. Next in R, utilize these three principles in a problem that you will solve. First, note the problem to solve, the dataset (where the information was pulled from), and what methods you are going to take to solve the problem.  Ensure the problem is simple enough to complete within a two-page document. For example, I need to purchase a house and want to know what my options are given x amount of dollars and x location based on a sample of data from Zillow within each location. 

Ensure there is data visualization in the homework and note how it relates to the three principles selected.

Parts of this assignment:

Part 1:  Review the 3 Principles that you are going to use.

Part 2:  Discussion of the Problem.

Part 3:  The dataset (where you got the data)

Part 4:  Explain how you can solve the problem

Part 5:  Make sure you have a data visual (you can create the visual with R-Language)

Note: plagiarism check required, APA7 format, include References, within 8hrs


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