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Kotter’s Change Model assignment

Apply Kotter’s Change model to your life. This is the first part of your Personal Change Project. 

Each student will post about their proposed change. In this step, students will describe the change and explain Why is it important to you? (Purpose), What will be different? (Outcomes), and How they can change and influence the context and build coalitions to reach the goal (Process). Remember that this is the change that you want to monitor for the next four weeks. Students will apply the first 2 steps of Kotter’s 8-step change model. The grading in this week is counted towards the discussion forum (20 points for post, 5 points for peer reply). Aim for content between 350-500 words in your initial post. 

1. Describe the change you want to make: What is the change, how does your plan look like to translate the desired change to action, and what do you want the outcome to be?

2. Then use step 1 and 2 of Kotter’s 8-step change model and apply them to your change. Furthermore, any information from the readings that you think may be helpful to manage change is good to link to your personal change. 

For example: Step 1 Sense of Urgency: If your overall goal is to have an exercise routine within the next four weeks, your argumentation could be: “My motivation to get fitter is to be able to carry by baby around without getting to exhausted / to build a strong core and prevent back pain and thus lower any medical bills in the future”. These are examples, but you need think about the why (If you want to learn more about this concept, here is a neat TED Talk: and explain, based on the readings the urgency of this change. Lastly, also explain what would happen if you would not create a sense of urgency.

Step 2 Build powerful coalitions: Think about how can you transfer this concept from the organizational context to your life? Who are the buy-ins? Who can be your ally? Your children? Your partner (maybe if your goal is to lose weight, they need to stop having cake in the house)? Or is it solely you? You may want to explain other ways you can build powerful coalitions – ways that give you accountability: create a blog and document it? Who can you enlist to be on your team? Who is the right person to help and who can demonstrate teamwork? For example, someone who has undergone such transformation? Someone who has undergone such a process and can help you? A coach? Who is someone you can trust? Who could be someone who can be your cheerleader? Think outside the box ????. Lastly, also explain what would happen if you would not have your coalitions to make the change.

3. Reply to at least one peer on their planned change and a) motivate them, and b) give them at least one suggestion that they have not mentioned in their post that can help them to succeed in their change.


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