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Linguistic English assignment

Activity 1.5.1: Practical application

Complete the activities on the present and past tenses below.

Put the verbs into the simple present, present continuous, present perfect, or present perfect continuous tense. Note that this is an activity that is not in context. It is preferable to provide learners with a context rather than giving discrete sentences, as is the case with this activity and some of the other activities. This activity is to test your knowledge of the tenses involved.

1.5.1 a) Thuli has (buy) a new car recently.

1.5.1 b) She (travel) to Cape Town at the moment.

1.5.1 c) She (go) to her father yesterday.

1.5.1 d) He (teach) her how to change a tire.

1.5.1 e) Thuli (plan) this trip for months.

1.5.1 f) Thuli (plan) to meet Shandre in Paarl on her way to Cape Town.

1.5.1 g) Thuli and Shandre (study) together at the North-West University.

1.5.1 h) They (not/see) each other for 10 months.

1.5.1 i) They (start/teach) in their hometowns when they (finish) their studies.

1.5.1 j) Shandre (excite) to show Thuli the Mother City

1.5.1 k) Thuli (never/see) the ocean before.


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