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MGMT Leadership Project Plan

In this assignment, you’ll build on your initial identification and then write a detailed plan that documents the implementation of your leadership project.  Remember that we document our plan before we get to work on our project – it helps to identify all that’s required, to communicate with our team, and to track our progress.  As we learn in MGMT 2000, a good project plan covers the following:

  1. Initial Identification – this is the information from the previous assignment. (definition, need, goals, metrics.)
  2. Scope – what are you going to do in this project? (remember our work from earlier this semester)
  3. Stakeholders – who is involved and receiving benefit from the actions in your project?
  4. Tasks – what exactly are the steps you need to take? What is the related timing? (remember this starts with Work Breakdown Structure.)
  5. Resources – what people, materials, facilities, funds, will you need for this project?
  6. Major Milestones – at what points will you “check” your work and assess your progress?
  7. Risks – what could go wrong, and how might you respond to it?

This information is written as a combination of a narrative in Word that describes the initial identification, scope, stakeholders and risks; and a Project or Excel file (saved as a PDF) that details tasks, resources, timelines, resources and major milestones.

You need to build as much detail as possible in this assignment.  Good project plans are at least a few pages long, not including the actual MS Project file. 


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