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Modern Maidens, Management assignment


1. Include some notes here of features you found striking in the two clips, especially in comparison to the original story or the Disney film.

This part is informal, so don’t worry about complete sentences, etc., just focus on pulling out some key details from the scenes. (1paragprah) 

2.  LINK:

Why do you think the film added this backstory for the Queen? Does it change the story in a significant way? Or does it add to and develop themes that already exist? 

(On this one, you can give me some complete sentences, and some specific explanation, please.

3. LINK:

Pablo Berger’s silent film Blancanieves may actually take even more liberties with the Snow White tale, and yet manages to preserve the basic plot structure, along with most of the classic motifs. 

This Snow White, whose name is actually Carmen, lives in 1920s Spain; her father is a famous bullfighter, who teaches her to love the sport, but when he dies she is (as you would expect) left at the mercy of a wicked stepmother.

Again, as you watch the videos, keep in mind our guidelines for analyzing films, and consider how this scene might be in conversation with, or commenting on, the parallel scenes in the Disney film and/or Snow White and the Huntsman

4. Now let’s put it all together…

What tropes or motifs define the Snow White story? Which do you see that show up across all 4 variants of the Snow White story we’ve examined so far? Are there any that seem to be missing?

Choose one example of a motif, and discuss whether it is present or not in each of the 4 versions of Snow White we’ve examined so far. 

If it’s missing from any of the stories, why do you think it was left out? Does its absence fundamentally change the story?

If it’s there in every version of the story, does the way it is represented or incorporated into the plot shift or change? How so? Why do you think this change was made? How does it impact what the story communicates to its audience?


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