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Nursing Discussion


In this Discussion, you will select a clinic or community agency within the community. The organization you select must serve the needs of a vulnerable population group. Research the clinic or agency to obtain a clear idea of services provided and the specific population it serves. It is not necessary for you to make an on-site visit. However, you must cite the source(s) from which you obtained the information about the clinic or community agency. 

Examples of clinical or community health agencies:


Employee/Occupational   Health

Infection   Control in hospitals

Public   Health Department

Refugee   Centers

Child/Adult   Protective Services

School   Health Clinic


Halfway   House: Drug Abuse, Prison, etc.

Homeless   Center

Public   Clinics: Pediatric, Psychiatric, OB, Geriatric, Migrant, etc.

Rehab   Program: Cardiac, etc.

Shelters:   Homeless, Women’s, etc.

HIV/AIDS   programs/clinics

Veterans’   agencies

Adolescent   Programs

Group   homes for MHMR clients, etc.

Support   groups for cancer, sexual abuse, etc. survivors


Research the selected agency, and using the following *headings, discuss:

1. Name of agency and why you selected this agency;

2. Brief history and mission of the agency;

3. Target population the agency serves;

4. Services and programs offered;

5. What criteria (i.e. income, age, etc.) must clients meet in order to be served by the agency; and

6. What you found interesting about this agency or helpful for you as a professional nurse.

7. Cite and reference the information you report on, as appropriate.


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