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Write a paper in which you reflect on your own cultural competence and analyze areas where you could improve your cultural diversity skills. In addition, analyze the relationship among culture, leadership, and teamwork and explore the ways communication can be muddled due to cultural differences. The paper should be a minimum of seven pages in length.

This assessment has two parts.

For this assessment, use the APA Paper Template [DOCX] to write a 7–10 page paper that responds to the following:


  • Discuss the results of your Culture, Diversity, and Out-Groups in Leadership cultural diversity assessment.
    • What was your score? I scored a 59
    • Were you surprised by the results?
  • Discuss areas where you could improve your cultural diversity skills.
    • Discuss at least two areas of improvement that you would like to focus on over the next year.
  • What potential benefits will you have in your career by improving in these areas?
    • What plans do you have to ensure you are making progress toward improvement?


Analyze the relationship between cultural competence and teamwork and collaboration.

  • Distinguish between cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural competence, and cultural sensitivity.
    • Why is it important for a health care leader to understand each of these areas?
  • Explain how verbal and nonverbal communication may be misunderstood due to cultural differences.
    • What are the potential impacts of these misunderstandings?
    • How can a health care leader minimize these misunderstandings?


  • Length: A minimum of seven double-spaced pages, not including title and reference pages.
  • Font and font size: Arial, 12 point.

References: Cite at least three references from peer-reviewed journals, in addition to your textbook

Format: Use the APA Paper Template [DOCX] to write your paper using current APA style and formatting for the paper as well as for references and citations. Refer to Evidence and APA on Campus for more information


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