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Ontela (B) Case Discussion, Marketing

Ontela (B) Case Discussion – 

***Note on cluster analysis used in the case:

  • Standard statistical methods were used to group or “cluster” respondents together based on how similar their responses were.
  • This analysis considers similarities and response profiles across all questions (not individual questions).
  • This analysis does not presume that there will be a particular number of clusters. The statistical analysis guides the analyst to determine the number of clusters that best represent the survey respondents
  • This analysis did not consider any information beyond the data provided by the survey questions listed in Exhibit 1.

Answer ONLY the following questions for the case write up.

  • Which segment from among the six would you recommend as a target for PicDeck? Explain the logic and rationale behind your choice as well as any concerns you may have about the segment.
  • Develop a positioning statement for your target segment. (Make sure you review the lecture notes on writing a positioning statement).
  • Develop a positioning statement for wireless carriers. (Make sure you review the lecture notes on writing a positioning statement).


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