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Overlapping Stories, Management assignment

Let’s return to the questions we posed about the possible relation of “The Favored Daughter” to the variations on the tale of Snow White we have been examining:

  • Do you think that “The Favored Daughter” could be considered a “Snow White” story, or do you think the comparison is a stretch? What similarities do you notice? What differences? Does “The Favored Daughter” share the same motifs we associate with “Snow White”? Does the plot structure remain the same? 
  • How do the characters in this story compare to those in Western Snow White stories we have discussed so far? Which characters are present in each version? Do they seem to remain more or less the same, or is something about the character’s identity, behavior, or background significantly different? Are any characters added or taken away? How does this impact the story?
  • How does Ilâmbe (the “favored daughter”) compare to the other Snow White figures? What virtues (positively valued character traits or behaviors) are embodied by each? What do you think this implies about the values of each culture?
  • The plot structure of “The Favored Daughter” resembles “Snow White” in many ways, but the ending is very different. What’s up with that? Why does “The Favored Daughter” end the way that it does; what are we supposed to learn from this ending? Does this story teach the same lesson(s) as “Snow White”?

Keeping these aspects in mind, what’s the verdict?

Does it make sense to view “The Favored Daughter” as part of the same story-family as Snow White?

In your response, be sure to back up your position by citing specific examples from “The Favored Daughter” and one or more of the tales of Snow White we have read.
For this activity, we’ll discuss in groups of 4-5. The groups have been randomly assigned and are built into this activity. In the discussion forum below, you’ll see the posts of your other group members.
Before posting, read the contributions of others in your group, and be sure to add something new! You can agree or disagree; but you should respond to the points your classmates have raised. If you agree with your group member, don’t just repeat what they have already said, expand on it! You could suggest a new example to add additional support (for instance, you might compare “The Favored Daughter” with a different variant of Snow White). Post 


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