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Presentation: Ideas for a New Office with a Playroom

Engaging in playtime with children is an effective strategy when working with young clients. In these situations, you will want to create an inviting play environment with toys and games that are age-appropriate and match the development needs of the child. Attention to these details will facilitate communication and encourage children to express themselves more freely.

Imagine that you are employed in an early childhood counseling facility. The director of the facility has asked you to submit ideas for a new office with a playroom.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® poster presentation with detailed speaker notes describing your ideas for the playroom.

Use the Week 2 Playroom Design Presentation PowerPoint template to complete your assignment.

Write a 75- to 100-word response to each prompt in the template.

Include relevant images to support your ideas. Note: Images are encouraged but not required.

Include speaker notes in your presentation.


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