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Professional Development Analysis Education assignment

Analyze and evaluate the professional development program in your school or another school of your choice.

In a 750-1,000 , address the following:

  • How the professional development program increases the capacity of staff in a way that aligns to the school vision and mission, and promotes data-driven, student-centered learning. Support your response with specific examples.
  • The principal’s roles and actions in terms of the development of the classroom environment and teachers’ instructional abilities.
  • The teachers’ roles in the development of the PD program.
  • How the professional development program is aligned to the school’s Continuous Improvement Plan. Support your response with 1-2 specific examples.
  • How the PD program emphasizes research-based instructional/best practices .
  • How research-based/best practices are used for evaluating the PD program.

Support your review with at least 3-5 scholarly resources.


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