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Qewqer Accounting assignment

1 . What is the theoretical view of negotiation places strategy rather than power at the center of the negotiation process?

Select one:
a.Alternative theoretical view of negotiation
c.Distribution of power
d.None of the above

2. what model have developed alongside the proliferation of these technologies, albeit at a much slower rate?

Select one:
a.Legal models
b.Paradigm models
c.Statistical machine learning models
d.None of the above

3. The computational cost to pre-process a file (at C), to generate a proof of possession (at S), and to verify such a proof (at C)

Select one:
a.Block access complexity
b.Communication complexity
c.Computation complexity
d.Both B and C

4 .The amount of data transferred (between C and S)

Select one:
a.Communication complexity
b.Communication block complexity

c.Block access complexity
d.Communication block

5 .What is the name of the operations can be outsourced to clouds, for example, linear equations (LEs), LP, and matrix multiplication? These operations are essential for various engineering tasks, and the volume of the data for a computation can be too large to be handled by local systems.

Select one:
a.Algebraic operations
b.Linear equation operations

c.Non-linear equation operations
d.String operations

6. What is the name of the widely used in DNA comparison, which requires massive computing power to complete the task in a reasonable time?

Select one:
a.Genotype comparison

b.Polymers comparison
c.String comparison
d.Variable comparison

7. What is the type of encryption a quadruple of probabilistic polynomial time algorithms?

Select one:
a.Homogenic encryption
b.Homomorphic encryption
c.Mathematical AI encryption
d.NLP encryption

8.What allow computer data or code changes to be detected by authorized parties, even remotely placed? 

Select one:
a.Remote Access
b.Remote hybrid access
c.Remote attestation
d.None of the above

9. What is the name of the hierarchy intended to be used by the platform manufacturer and it is used to ensure the integrity of the system firmware?

Select one:
a.Platform hierarchy
b.Storage hierarchy

c.Endorsement hierarchy

10. What is the name of the hierarchy intended to be used by the privacy administrator (which can be the end user or another entity) and is the hierarchy of choice to use when the user wants to ensure the integrity of privacy-sensitive data, since its primary keys are guaranteed to be constrained and unique to each TPM by the manufacturer?

Select one:
a.Storage hierarchy
b.Volatile hierarchy
c.Endorsement hierarchy

11.Which of the following assessment determine the magnitude of harm that could result from a security compromise of information and information systems that support agency operations?

Select one:
a.Security awareness and training assessment
b.Periodic security assessment
c.Incident response

d.Continuity of operations

12. The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) deal with export controls of military articles, information, or defense services. This can impact IT systems or cloud solutions if such military information systems are operated. The export controls have four main purposes:

Select one:
a.To protect the U.S. against terrorism, To control weapon shipments, To enforce trade protection, To control crime
b.Control government, control weapon shipment, control world governance
c.Control crime international, enforce patent law, enforce trade protection,
d.None of the above


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