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Race, Ethnicity, Equity, and Society Criminology assignment

Before completing this assignment, make sure you review the relevant module content so you are able to answer effectively and completely (the assigned readings and the second and third module videos may be particularly relevant to this exercise). 

This assignment asks you to reflect on your own racial and ethnic identities and how they have impacted your life experiences. There are no right or wrong answers here, I just ask that you use this exercise as an opportunity to reflect on your identities and experiences and respond to the provided prompts. 

Part 1:  With what races and/or ethnicities do you identify (i.e., how do you classify/describe your race and ethnicity when communicating to others)? Have your racial and ethnic identities remained stable throughout your life or have they changed? How did you come to identify this way (e.g., learned from your parents/family, learned from school, learned from media, others, etc.)? 

Part 2:  How have your racial and ethnic identities shaped your lived experiences? Have they provided access/opportunity/privilege? Have they led to blocked opportunities or discrimination? Please feel free to list some ways or describe them in a narrative format. 


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