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Reflection, Education assignment

  1. Reflect on the overall data-gathering process, including insights for improving the efficacy of the questions and prompts.
    • Did the interview questions elicit thoughtful, in-depth responses or did interviewees give simple answers?
    • What did you hear that you did not expect to hear?
    • Did respondents tell you what you wanted to hear?
  2. Reflect on outcomes of specific aspects of the data gathering such as listening, body-language interpretation, depth of responses to questions, and analysis of these dynamics.
    • Were you asking the right questions about the issue?
    • How would you word a question differently next time?
    • Did people’s body language indicate they were at ease? Or did body language suggest anxiety or defensiveness?
    • What would you do differently in terms of setting the stage for a comfortable exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings?
    • How well did you listen? Were there moments when you did not listen as well as you might have?
  3. Reflect on personal bias and how it was overcome.
    • What have you done to eliminate bias as much as you possibly can?
    • Did you gain a better sense of awareness of your assumptions about the issue, stakeholders, or organization? If yes, explain changes in your awareness.
    • Did you engage in member checking, participant debriefing, or respondent validation strategies? If yes, explain your strategies and how they worked for you in reducing personal bias.
  4. Reflect on self-development and improvement of practitioner researcher skills.
    • How did you collaborate with others?
    • What did you do well and what could you have done differently?
  5. Support main points, assertions, arguments, conclusions, or recommendations with relevant and credible evidence.


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