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RES.Q10104-22FA Exploring The World’s Religions assignment

You have three options for this homework assignment. Please answer one of the three questions below.

1) Please explain the title thesis of Wilensky-Lanford’s, “Gen Z’s Religious Affiliation Stats Are Confusing – But Only When Viewed from a Christian-Centric Perspective.” What does that mean? Include and interpret a direct quote from the article that expresses well its argument.

2) David DeStento, in his “Psychologists Are Learning What Religion Has Known for Years,” says, “I’ve come to see a nuamced relationship bweteen science and religion. I now view them as two approaches to improving people’s lives that frequently complement each other.” Explain a couple examples he provides of this relationship. Given his findings, what is his recommendation to his colleagues in the field of psychology?

3) “Secularism” is a word used in different ways by various people in various contexts, as we see in Yonat Shimron’s interview with Jacques Berlinerblau (“Secularism Is Not Atheism. A New Book Explains Why the Distinction Is So Critical”). Please explain the distinction the article makes between secularism as “an approach to governance” and “lifestyle secularisms.” Also, what do they mean by a distinction between “separationism” and “accommodationism?”


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