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complete a research paper in which you will analyze, evaluate, and create a solution(s) to an existing or future aviation human factors challenge or problem. Be sure this challenge or problem is significant and meaningful to society. Also, the topic must be rooted in the literature—meaning it must be an aviation safety-related issue as covered in a published research or review article.  

Topic of choice for this research paper will be Controlled flight into terrain specifically focusing on the aspect of how this ties into the concept of Human Factors. This issue is considered to be a major global aviation safety issues that has existed for some time and is still relevant today. According to the Federal Aviation Administration controlled flight into terrain tends to occur about 40 times a year and around half of these accidents tend to be fatal (FAA, n.d). A key contributing factor that leads to controlled flight into terrain is human factors more specifically pilot’s error (Skybrary, 2022). This research paper will analyze some of these contributing human factors that lead to controlled flight into terrain and explore possible solutions to mitigate this issue.

In your introduction, describe the challenge/problem and why it is significant; use data and/or examples to make your point. Since the issue must be rooted in the literature, be sure to identify the journal article or published research/review article where the source for your idea originated for you.

In the body of your paper, review the history of this problem, how it may have changed over time, and why. Use data/stats or examples to illustrate and justify your opinions. Then, explain how concepts related to the study of human factors can be employed to help address this challenge/problem. Has this potential solution been used successfully before? If so, please explain.

Finally, describe how one might verify that your proposed solution/approach is successful and/or what other research may be needed moving forward.

The paper should be 5–7 pages in length (not including the title page and reference page) and in current APA format.

In addition to the paper, create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and submit it to the class. Your presentation should be no longer than 2–3 minutes (similar to an “elevator pitch”). Be succinct, but also clearly define the problem, its importance, the proposed solution, and what it means looking forward. Include a title slide and an APA-formatted reference slide.


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