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Small Group Dynamics Discussion Accounting

Small Group Dynamics

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 For this discussion, think of Chapter 1 as a basic knowledge resource; doing so gives us a common foundation of knowledge and build upon what you’ve learned.


This assignment requires you to delve into peer-reviewed academic journals that are not included in the course materials I’ve provided. You will draw upon information from at least one article/research study from a peer-reviewed academic journal published during the time period 2015-2021 to support your original contribution in response to two of the following:

1. Explain the relationship between group cohesion and group climate. Be specific.

2. Describe the process of group member socialization in an online environment (like this class). Include specific examples.

3. Identify the three main types of group conflict; describe at least one strategy for managing each of the three types of conflict.


When drafting your initial contribution offline, do not number your comments. Instead, use multiple well-developed paragraphs with clear topic sentences to guide the reader through your written work. Use transitions to move from one paragraph to another.

Be sure to include a hyperlink to your selected source, and correctly cite that source within your contribution. (That means including both in-text citations and a correctly formatted reference list.) Limit direct quotations to 5% or less of your post.

Demonstrate college-level writing skills in all your work. Proofread carefully!


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