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Social Media assignment

Please answer each question separately

question 1

Describe, in your own words, an incident you remember learning about  involving online hate or harassment. Discuss your view(s) about it, and  whether it was dealt with correctly, if at all. 

question 2

 According to ADL’s harrowing report, Online Hate and Harassment: The American Experience in 2022, online  hate and harassment of marginalized communities continues to rise.  Based on the executive summary(first three paragraphs), what do you  think will be the state of hate speech as it relates to social media in  five years? Discuss in your own words. 

question 3

 One of  Goffman’s central concepts is impression management. Please explain the  concept of impression management as well as that of Stage Theory and  “performances.” Now walk us through your day, identifying times of your  day when you are on front stage and parts of your day when you are on  back stage. Be sure to explain the concepts of front and back stage and  how they relate to impression management. 


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