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Technology, Gender & Film, Social Science Homework

PART I — Technology, Gender & Film

A. Read the attached article on Bond girls & technology that is attached with this. Provide a min. of eight (8) main ideas with full citations, (author last name, year of pub. page #).  Feel free to include more ideas beyond the min.  Be sure to cover all of the reading, beginning, middle, end.   Min. word count 15 each.    Remember to use paraphrase., rather than direct quotation.  Also avoid pasting all of the directions, this is not necessary.

Also remember to not send attachments, review the announcement for submitting class work.










B. Research & find one movie example (one movie not mentioned in the Bond article), that illustrates gender stereotypes with the use of technology.  Use a film that lends itself to discussing gender roles, stereotypes & technology. Answer the following below:

For credit – Label responses to match questions.  There are many films such as , Her, Exmachina….  Select films where you can clearly discuss technology in the context of gender stereotypes and roles.

1. Title of film:

2. Year of its release:

3. Studio:

4. Synopsis, what’s the movie about?

5. What is the technology or technologies in the movie – discuss this in depth? min. 130 words

6. How is the technology represented (shown), within the context of gender stereotypes: describe who uses it, how it’s used, what’s the setting: (min word count 200) can be more than 200.  please include word count

7. What are the gender stereotypes with the technology? What specific examples from the movie provide support for your conclusions? Provide at least two examples, more are encouraged.


7A. what are the gender stereotypes shown in the use of the technology? min. two stereotypes shown —

example 1 –

example 2 –


7B. Specific examples to provide support for your conclusions about gender stereotypes shown. min two examples — with details

example 1 –

example 2 –

8. What can you conclude about the effects of these gender stereotypes shown in motion pictures on the perceptions of gender & technology in our society/culture?  What does the Bond article say about this?   Be sure to elaborate and to use a min of two intext citations from the article. (min word count 250) please include word count. Avoid direct quotations.

Be sure to include a complete works cited with all sources used to complete this. NO WIKI


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