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Week 10 CIS 498 Discussion InformationTechnology Capstone

Respond to the following in a substantive post (2–3 paragraphs):

  • Consider your goals for the class you stated in the Week 1 discussion. How did you do? Be specific and honest in your assessment.
  • Consider your goals for the program. Now that you are done or nearly done, what do you know now that you didn’t know before you started your program? How will you be using your degree to improve your professional life? How will this impact your family?
    • If your experience was personal rather than professional, share your feelings knowing that you have achieved (or nearly achieved) your goal of getting your degree.

Please respond substantively to at least one other post (1–2 paragraphs each post). Choose to respond to those who have few or no responses, as well as interesting conversations you want to join. Remember to get in early in the week for your initial post and then come back a few other times during the week for the best experience.

In your response to your classmate, consider the following (choose one or more):

  • Find someone you replied to in Week 1 or someone who replied to you. Expand on the conversation you were having as you look back in reflection from Week 10. How did you potentially influence each other? Did you connect outside of class? Will you continue to stay in touch and exchange ideas?
  • Respond to someone with whom you’ve interacted during the class in the discussions. What potential value can this relationship have outside of school? Can you exchange professional tips, tricks, and best practices for job search/advancement in your professional life? Why or why not? If not, how can you overcome challenges?
  • Find someone with whom you’ve had a memorable exchange during class and point out to them how it impacted you. It’s always nice to know that you’ve added to someone’s life. Share your thoughts!
  • Find someone who you are grateful to know and thank them for being a part of your Strayer journey. Maybe you’ve known them from another class or just met them in this class. Let them know that not only do you know who they are, but you value knowing them.


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