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Week 2: Sales, Advertising, and Promotions assignment

Answer the following questions

From the textbook Chapter 3

1.What are the five steps of the consumer buying decision-making process? Which two steps are the most important with regard to developing quality integrated marketing communications?

2.Define attitude. What are the three main components of attitude, and how are they related to purchasing decisions?

3.What trends in the consumer buying environment affect consumer purchasing decisions?

From the textbook Chapter 4

1.What three forms of market research are used to develop marketing communications?

2.Define market segment and market segmentation.

3.How can firms take advantage of target markets by gender?


*Your writing content must be APA formatted (Review rubrics for required information on formatting APA style)

*A reference page with your textbook and at least one other reference from the FNU Library (LIRN / Library and Information Resources Network) specifically Pro-Quest and/or STATISTA.

Your Library: User ID > 24439


*Your content must be structured with the question written and underlined.

*Each question must have at least 200 words of writing

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