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Week 4 Peer Review, Psychology assignment

 While reviewing your partner’s draft literature review, please provide comments in their paper (in-line comments) focusing on the following:

  • Gap- evaluates and analyzes flaws in existing research, including clear identification of “gaps” or logical needs for the proposed study.
  • RQ and Hypothesis- expresses the value of proposed research and lists relevant RQ/hypothesis to be investigated. 
  • APA style- uses APA style formatting for in-text citations and references; writing is clear and concise
  • You should provide substantive written feedback about where and how your partner could improve his or her paper in each criterion (your grade will be based on this).  Then upload it here at this link so it is recorded in the course Grade Book.

Give your partner feedback that will help them: Think about comments which demonstrate areas they could improve.–“ I didn’t understand this point…”– “I could somewhat follow the organization but perhaps some more headings would help.”–“Did you mean  ______?”–“Did you think about ______?”–Focus on the gap, RQ, and hypothesisWe are ultimately looking for clarity and precision so if you read and are unsure of what they mean, point that out.  It helps everyone to go back and be more specific!Do not surprise your partner with the content of your peer review. Be sure to discuss your thoughts on his or her work with your partner directly and do so with timeliness, professional courtesy, and scholarship. You may share your review with your partner before you submit it here. 

please review within the document. read powerpoint that is attached to assignment for directions.


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